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I am  an ambitious, creative, and organized person. I have many hobbies but fashion and dance are the two that I love the most—and that’s summed up by my quote “FASHION IS MY PASSION and DANCE IS MY LIFE.” On the fashion front, I don’t believe in spending a fortune on outfits because I believe we live in an era of “15-minute-fame.” Trends come and go and along with it, our wardrobe and choices changes. Therefore, my personal motto is to “Look like a Million Bucks without Spending a Million bucks.”


Although I am a relatively new fashion blogger, I have been a Fashion Lover since I was a little kid. I wanted to go to fashion school but couldn’t due to various personal reasons so I ended up graduating with a Business degree from University of Maryland. Some of my other hobbies include going to the gym, cake decorating, makeup artistry, etc. I am also actively involved in the community, especially amidst the South Asian community in the D-M-V Area. Having performed in more than 50 social events (entertainment and charity) and choreographed for more 150 people which includes groups performing for South Asian social events, pageants, solo performances, high school performances, and my own college organization events, I am an Indian-trained Bharatnatyam dancer which I completed before moving to the United States in 2008 from India.

In America, I have learned various new forms of dance such as Tango, Jazz and even some of those Ethiopian moves. I love volunteering for different charity events, fashion projects, and dance projects. I give my bestest of the best when it comes to fashion because even if people don’t give me much feedback, I know that “I AM MY BEST COMPLIMENT AND MY WORST CRITIQUE.”