Hello All,

Today’s blog post is about a company called “BootayBag” that is known for their monthly subscription of Panties/Underwear. Yes! I said Panties. You pay 12$ every month and in return, they send you two new sexy style of panties. Cheers to fewer trips to Victoria Secrets and more savings.

One thing that sets this company apart from other such monthly subscription companies is that they believe in giving back to the community. BootayBag simply asks to snap a selfie with the bag that it comes in or the product itself, they will donate $1 to the Melanoma Foundation.

Let’s talk about what I received in my May BootayBag. First of all, I love the packaging and what it says on top of the package.

“Hello Babe: I’m Here, xo BootayBag”

I found that very cute and adorable. Anyways, I received two cutest panties I have ever owned, no lie!. I got one in the color pink and one in the color black. These photos do not do justice to what they look like in person.

As you can see, the pink one is super lacy on the back with tiny light pink polka dots and the black one is half lacy on the back. Both the panties are super stretchable and fit so well. My favorite part about these panties is that they are thin enough for you to not get those visible panty lines when wearing a dress yet they are amazing quality. I absolutely loved my BootayBag, GET YOUR’S TODAY!!

Thank You for Reading Today’s Post!