There is more to my life than just Instagram. I know I show the fun side of my life as do most of us but slowly and surely I want to start sharing the other painful areas as well. My career growth hasn’t been very easy. Due to being an immigrant in this country for so many years–especially with a Business Degree–I haven’t gotten things the easy way. From continuously paying out of state tuition ($16,000 – $18,000 a semester) to finding a normal job that will take an OPT (student employee) without paying pennies, hard work hasn’t been the same as that of others. I started my career working in an office setting but with an income of a full-time employee at a restaurant. My parents bought businesses and came to the United States on E2 Visa back in 2008. I was dependent on them. Before they got their green cards, I turned 21 and because of the immigration laws, I had to get on F1 Visa and that’s where my struggles began independently.

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I definitely grown a lot in the past 4 years since I graduated. But I think that’s life. Isn’t it?! Not being able to pay my tuition was a constant struggle. Another one was earning a normal income–one that could secure enough money to save, spend on living expenses, schooling, etc. I couldn’t take a student loan. I was not able to leave this country due to a change in status in the fear of not being able to come back.

After all the hardships and constantly being beat down by documentation and immigration troubles, I was able to find companies that would sponsor me and help me grow financially. It’s said the journey is more important than the destination. As that journey comes to a closure, I start a new and more secure journey. I realize that I really want to help whoever I can have a better journey to look back at. I understand every immigrant that comes here legally and I would love to help. The nerve you need to get through immigration in this nation can’t be understated.

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If you have questions, go ahead and ask away, and cheers to the country that was founded by immigrants for immigrants.

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