Good Morning Guys,

Today’s blog post is about another fashion item that’s very hot these days, “FUR”. Fur never went out of style but recently it is getting much more hype than usual. This hype started again during fall of 2016 where you would see a lot of Real and Faux fur showcased in Vogue Runway app. A lot of big designers started incorporating fur in their collection.

Now fur is a difficult topic of conversation to have for some people as many animal lovers are strictly against it. Some companies had to deal with protests and some turned like Giorgio Armani who decided that they won’t use FUR anymore in their collections. I personally am a vegan so I am definitely against animal cruelty, however; I am not against faux fur. Faux Fur is often made of non-biodegradable, chemical- based synthetic like nylon and polyester. So yeah, I am one of those girls who prefer animal-friendly outerwear and there is nothing wrong with accessorizing your outfit with some chic faux version of fur.


So I wore this outfit on my weekend trip to NYC with one of my bestest friends, Vy. I don’t know why but Fur Coats in NYC streets just screams Vogue to me for some reason, Haha. I actually got this fur neck cardigan 4-5 years ago for a new year’s party and then never wore it again. But since the trend started to take over the Instagram world again, I pulled it out of my storage, got it dry cleaned and have been wearing it ever since.


So with my Fur Cardigan that I had previously bought from Ross, I am wearing a black velvet bodysuit from Fashion Nova. Fashion Nova is another brand that I am in love with these days. The body suit is stretchable and very comfortable to put on. Also, it has buttons on the bottom so it’s easier to use a restroom which is a plus. It’s not super expensive so that’s always a good thing 🙂

With the bodysuit, I am wearing AUDREY pants that I got from New York and Company. These are the most comfortable pair of pants I own and it hugs my body perfectly. And I like the texture on these pants; it gives it that extra something.


PANTS: NY&Company


To complete my outfit I was carrying around my small cross body bag that I got from Ross and I am super obsessed with it. Can you believe it that this bag is only 7.99$? I mean it’s definitely a steal.


In addition to everything I mentioned, I wore these shoes that I am recently obsessing over the most. I got these babies from Charlotte Russe. They are so classy and I love the fact that the heels are in gold. It definitely stands out. I got them for 20 bucks during black Friday sale. I was actually looking for a clear block heel shoes because those are in trend these days but ended up getting these.

Thank you for reading today’s post