Happy Friday Y’all

Today’s blog post has been overdue. It’s about an outfit that I wore at the launch of “Jewel of India” Calendar at the “Presidential Fashion Show” this year. Some of you may not know, I won the “Jewel of India Calendar Hunt” this year and I was crowned as “Calendar Girl 2017”. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be on the cover page of a calendar. 🙂 And the reason this blog post is overdue is because I wanted to retake these pictures since there were a little shaky but I never got to it 🙁

When I posted this outfit on Instagram, I heard from many of you that yes you would indeed like me to blog about it. So here it is!! I got this Jumpsuit from Papaya. It was one of those items that I fell in love with the first time I saw it on the mannequin.  I still remember going through the hassle of asking someone to help me take it out of the mannequin because that was the only small size available. I usually do not wear such bright colors. I rarely would pull off a royal blue like that but I decided to give it a shot. And Oh Lord! I am so glad I did. As soon I put it on, I thought to myself – YESSS!! I got to have it my closest.

I love the details around the waist line but most importantly this jumpsuit fits me so well. Also, for some reason it makes me look taller and feel taller, which I love. Papaya is one of my favorite stores to shop last minute. If I am running out of time and I need to purchase an outfit in a rush, Papaya is one of the stores I would visit. They are reasonably priced as well.  They are also Fast Fashion franchise so you always see new things every visit.  Now, this jumpsuit is sold out, however since I have already worn it once and not going to wear it again, I have added it to my Poshmark for Sale for half price. If you like this jumpsuit and would like to purchase it – CLICK TO SHOP.





With this jumpsuit, I decided to wear my white fur lightweight coat/cardigan I got from Wish. Now wish is a fun website/app to shop at. Check them out if you want super inexpensive things but it does take a while to receive those items. So keep that in mind while you shop. Also, don’t forget to read the reviews before any purchase. This particular coat/cardigan is amazing to layer up for that million dollar look. Can you believe it I only got it for 11 Bucks? I absolutely loved the way the outfit turned out. I also added my YSL clutch to complete the look.


I also put on a couple of my statement necklaces and both are from Laila Rowe. I bought one of them and the other one was a gift from a friend. Again, I own a lot of jewelry Laila Rowe.  I use to work in the mall right next Laila Rowe so I would go there pretty often as soon as I saw something that I like through that glass wall. They have such good jewelry options. They also sell clothing as well. But for some reason, most of the stores around me shut down. I am not sure why.Therefore, I haven’t shopped there for about 2 years now. On a good note, you can find such statement necklaces at almost every other store these days. 🙂



Thank you for reading today’s blog post 🙂