Happy Thursday Everyone,

It took me forever to write about this. BUT, HEY!! I AM THE NEW CALENDAR GIRL 2017<3

I still can’t get my eyes off that crown. I just want to say it was an amazing experience. I can’t believe I will have my face on the front page of a calendar hanging on the wall in my room—and many others hopefully—especially because I am not the who printed them out. Haha! I want to share my journey of winning this title- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Jewel of India Calendar Hunt is not anything like a pageant or even a typical calendar contest. Firstly, there are only two calendars contests like this, one by Kingfisher and the other byJewel of India.  When I heard that there is a calendar hunt going on especially so close to me, it didn’t take long for me to decide to take advantage of this opportunity. I had recently watched the movie Calendar Girls and was kind of intrigued to see what it would feel like to be one of them. Like any other participant, I went through the process of registration, auditioning and finally, yes, acceptance! I was thrilled to meet all the guys and girls that I would be spending so much time with throughout this journey. When I got there and met all the finalists, I was just so happy to see them because it felt like it was finally happening and that pinches wouldn’t wake me up more than I already was. Everyone was so nice and respectful towards one another and towards me which made me feel extremely comfortable.

From the moment I got there until the culmination of it all, everything went by in a breeze. We had a very confined amount of time and there was a whole ton of work that we needed to fit into it. Every hour we had a different shoot in a different outfit in a different setting. It actually gets so hectic at times and really gets to your nerve. Yes, there was moment or two when I was frustrated but it’s just like that famous phrase “with beauty comes pain.” People assume that a show is really easy to manage and create, but oh lord no.. that notion couldn’t be further from the truth. First of all it takes guts to put yourself out there especially on a national television. If you look bad, or not satisfied with the way you look, well too bad it’s going to be in that video saved for the rest of your life. So the key is to be camera ready at all times which gets extremely exhausting. But the best part of this journey is the relationships I made throughout the process. All us finalists became really good friends of mine, especially three of the girls.

There are several rounds in the Hunt, and everybody has a chance to shine, and yes eventually win! All this leads up to the final decision of who the next “Calendar Girl 2017” could be. From those rounds, I won Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic but there were many others such as Miss Catwalk, Miss Talent, Miss Make Up Diva, Miss Fashionista, etc. So, everyone gets at least one opportunity to win a title. I gave my one hundred percent best throughout and was very confident. While shooting for our final round of awards, I was so anxious to know who would end up winning—and the curiosity started to distract me from my pictures and everything that was going on around me. But that final second when I heard my name in the air, it felt like I had just touched the sky and come back. It was just one of the most memorable moments in my life; I not only felt accomplished but also loved and cared for. In short,

The GOOD : – Experience and New Relationships

The BAD : – Too Faced Paced and can be frustrating

The UGLY : US- There is NONE

I would recommend anybody in the US who is into fashion to take a shot at it because it is definitely one hell of an experience!