Getting Creative With SwimSuits

This is my absolute favorite bathing suit!I love how fun and playful the colors are and I am obsessed with one-shoulder blouses and bodysuits. It accentuates my shoulders ( I love my shoulders :P) I paired this bright and beautiful orange swimsuit with a white skirt from Forever 21. To add some color to my feet, I added the colorful striped shoes  from Charlotte Russe.To finish the look, I have added the bag I got from “Oliver Bilou” sometime last year. 

 I would wear this outfit to brunch with my gals and/or even to a nice summer date.”

Cross Wrap Halter High Waist Bikini Set

This swim suit was definitely My Everest. I barely ever wear a bikini and I have never posted a picture in one. This particular bikini set is super sexy. To be quite honest, I was a bit hesitant and excited to see what would I pair this with. What’s so special about this Bikini set is that the top is literally a plain black long piece of fabric that can be tied how ever we want to. The bottom is high waisted and fits really well. I am sure girls could wear just the bikini top and jeans and voila you have yourself a sexy club outfit. Here, I have paired it with these with black polka dots skirt ( Skirt but shorts) that my sister got 6 years ago from god knows where. (I must say- she has an incredible taste)

To cover-up, I added the sheer black top that I got from Forever 21. To finalize the look, I added flats with golden ankle straps that I received from one of my girlfriends a couple of months ago.

I would wear this at the boardwalk of any beach especially during an evening. A place like seacrets in Ocean City or Miami. 


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