Hello All,

It took me forever to write about this event, as I have been very busy and on the go for the past 2-3 weeks. Apart from my crazy life as a Full-time Employee at ANGARAI,  Fashion Blogger, and a Youtuber I also hold a precious title of Calendar Girl 2017. You can read more about this title and organization in one of my previous blogs: CLICK HERE!

I was invited to this event by Juhi Jagiasi from Jewel of India where I had the honor to present the recognition awards to some of the well accomplished women in the city of Delaware on March 10th 2017. This event was truly inspiring because I had the pleasure to meet women from different cultures and learn about their endeavors as well as struggles they have faced in life being a woman. It truly was a memorable evening.

The event took place at Embassy Suites in Wilmington, Delaware. It was a dining style set up where we were served Four Course Meal. Juhi opened the event by introducing herself and what this event was about. She asked everyone to kindly come in the front one by one and talk about themselves, their lives, their inspirations, their struggles as a woman. We all spoke for about 2-3 minutes each. I also got a chance to share my thoughts and little about my life as a woman. Not to forget, the dinner was customized to our likes and dislikes and it sure was one good meal. Juhi did an amazing job hosting it and making sure everyone was well-taken care off.

Once we were done with our dinner, she invited me to present the awards where she requested all the ladies to come one at a time and receive the award. That moment was truly my favorite as I felt strong, accomplished and humbled. All of these ladies showered me with so much love and respect, even with the given fact that I was younger them all. That moment I realized it’s not about the age or even how experienced you are- it’s about the good will, love and respect we have for one another. We ended the night with some music and dance and my favorite song that played that night was CHA CHA because every single one of us knew the famous Cha Cha steps. It was so definitely a lot of fun.


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