I hope you all had a great Christmas weekend and caught up on some sleep. I can’t believe it’s going to be 2017 in just a few days. This year has was quite exciting for me and I am so looking forward to the next year. With that being said, let’s jump into today’s blog post – Statement Coats:)


Every year, a day before Christmas Eve or a day after Christmas day, my siblings and I go to Christmas town. This was my outfit for this year. Last year around this time, it was very cold so wearing such a coat was not possible but this year the weather was in the 50s which were perfect as I was able to wear this coat and stay warm while sipping that cup of hot chocolate and wandering around the beautiful Christmas town with my friends and family.










Statement Coats are in fashion and have been for quite a while now. There are millions of retailers out there that sell great ones with great quality and are cost effective. You can literally find any simple thing in your closet and pair it up with any statement coat; it will instantly give you that million-dollar look 🙂 The great thing about such statement coats with bright colors is that they are very camera friendly especially in the daylight. Though you can rock a statement coat at any given time of the day.


I got this coat from <a href=”http://us.shein.com/Multicolor-Lapel-Color-Block-Coat-p-241409-cat-1735.html“>SHEIN</a> and it was a love at first sight. Now when I purchase things online, I do my research. Especially websites where the product is coming from Asia because let’s be honest there are a lot of those websites where what you see is not what you get. I have never had a bad experience with shopping online, as I am always so careful in what I purchase. The key to finding a good product in such websites is that you thoroughly read reviews. Reviews give you a good idea of how the product will look like, what size you should purchase and when you will receive it. I shop online more than I shop at In-Store Retailers, which you will notice, through my blogs.

This coat, in particular, is amazing. It not only just looks good on anyone but it keeps you warm. The material and the quality are out of this world for the price. I have been constantly wearing this coat for a month and I am sure some of you may already know through my snapchat. After wearing it so much, I decided to dedicate this blog post to just this coat as it is a great find. It has color blocks all around the coat, which gives it that statement piece look. If anyone is looking for a great long coat and doesn’t mind so many colors then I definitely recommend this coat. SHEIN is a great website where you can find so many unique things so I highly recommend checking that out.


Thank you all for reading! XOXO