All it takes is a little support by few people to raise awareness. So glad I was able to contribute in helping out the girls in India, who are in desperate need of education and are constantly struggling to attain just an ounce of freedom to choose the path of education. #we dream #we rise! Go girl rising india ❤

This was the dance choreography all the girls learned at my first dance event; DANCE WITH A PURPOSE; where all of them donated 10 dollars for Girl Rising India. For more info about the event – check out my Instagram page @ms.ahuja2. The choreography had to be quick and easy so everyone could learn it in an hour.
Dancers: Monica Ahuja, Alyssa Gomes, Sahleen Deol

“I dream of the world where there is peace within the mankind. Where Everyone uplifts and motivates each other to succeed. The world where there is no discrimination and everyone is respected equally. I know it will happen one day, I know it is not going to be easy but I also know it only takes one person to start a revolution. I will do whatever I can to make my world a better place to live in” – Monica Ahuja
I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did making it.