This was the dance choreography all the girls learned at my first dance event ” DANCE WITH A PURPOSE” where all of them donated 10 dollars for Girl Rising India. For more info about the event – check out my Instagram page @ms.ahuja2 . The choreo had to be quick and easy so everyone could learn it in an hour.

Dancers :Monica Ahuja, Alyssa Gomes, Sahleen Deol

“I dream of a world where there is peace within the mankind. Where Everyone uplifts and motivates each other to succeed. A world where there is no discrimination and everyone is respected equally. I know it will happen one day, I know it is not going to be easy but I also know it only takes one person to start a revolution. I will do whatever I can to make my world a better place to live in”
I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did making it.

1. ENGAGE: GR’s interventions in Rajasthan and Bihar leverage the power of storytelling to enable a mindset shift in the perception of girls’ education. Over the course of the last one year, through this program, they have successfully re-enrolled 653 children into schools and formed 100 adolescent groups in both the states. To build on the learnings and the experience gathered over the last year, GR proposes to strengthen the existing program and add new dimensions to the program to have a holistic impact on the movement. The program will be implemented in 40 villages and shall tentatively reach out to a total of 6000 adolescent girls, 3000 adolescent boys, and 8000 teachers.
2. Schools Campaign: GR India will soon be launching its next on-the-ground intervention, Schools Campaign, which through media tools aims to build a gender-sensitive learning environment in schools and empower students to lead change in their communities. This campaign will reach over 100,000 students in its pilot phase of 1.5 years starting from January 2017 and will be implemented in states of Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Punjab.
In the pipeline
They are also looking to document local stories from our intervention states of Rajasthan and Bihar. The on-the-ground interventions have been a repository of tremendous stories of change, valor and determination encompassing varying stakeholders. Documenting these local stories to complement existing GR stories will help in elevating the importance of supporting girls’ education, and also build local role models.
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