Happy Holidays Everyone!!

This is my first post as a fashion blogger and it feels great. If you all haven’t read ABOUT ME section of this website, please do so as it will give you an idea as to what to expect from my blogs. To summarize, I don’t believe in spending a fortune on my outfits as there are always new trends coming out, and our choices change rapidly. You might purchase a dress for $100 and never wear it again. Well, I am not about that life. I rather spend a little on outfits, rock the look and sell it for half. I rather spend a little more on things such as purses, nice coats or even a pair of glasses as those are the things that you can keep using forever.

Let’s talk about this outfit that I wore recently for Smith Annual Winter Gala in DC. I wanted to get a black dress and pair it with red accents such shoes, jewelry and lipstick, you know the traditional Christmas party look. However, as I shopped the day of the event due to my busy schedule, I couldn’t find a black dress. Also, just FYI if I am shopping last minute, for some reason I always choose ROSS. It’s a go-to thing of mine. I know bloggers don’t usually mention ROSS products on their page, but I feel like they are very underrated. I am sure everyone has shopped at Ross at some point in his or her lives and since I am all about unique finds at a lower cost Ross is a great stop for me. And let me tell you all one thing, nobody could tell I was wearing a dress from ROSS. In fact, people approached me and gave me compliments. And you women know that you got a good outfit on when all the ladies check you out more than the men:P. Now I know you can’t find the same dress at ROSS, so that’s where my SHOP section of this website comes in handy. I sell these outfits as I wear them only once for half off. Instead of selling it on Postmark, why not my own website right. It makes it easier for me to sell and you to find and purchase.



The outfit in this picture is a Navy Blue Dress with net details around the neck and waist. It was love at first sight. I picked up about 8 dresses to try but after I tried this on, I went straight to the checkout line. This dress gives you that perfect curvy look to your body. Its really good quality and you can wash it yourself at home if you are careful. It also has a side slit which I think gives it such a sexy look. It’s simple yet perfect. My pictures were taken at the venue itself after the event was over in the dim light so they don’t do justice to this dress. I took a close up of the dress so you guys can see the details.


I paired the dress up with bright Red Heels from Just Fab. When you sign up an account with Just Fab you can get your first shoes that you like for about $10. That’s a STEAL!!. I got them a month ago knowing that I will definitely need them in the holiday season and which I did 🙂 They are the perfect height, the perfect shade of red and the best part is I can walk in them without killing my feet. These shoes came with an attached lock for style purposes, which I didn’t like so I removed it. You will see them in the Just Fab website.

SHOES: Just Fab

I also took my bright Red Purse from Payless. Payless offers a wide range of purses and shoes by a designer called Christian Siriano and I must say they are amazing. I am a shoeholic so I go to Payless very often especially for those pumps from their Comfort Plus line. Christian Siriano shoes and purses are a little expensive compared to their other products from other brands they offer. Anyways, I absolutely love this red purse as it is no less than an expensive high-end designer purse. I know people usually prefer to take clutches to such events but I chose to take a purse because I was carrying my DSLR camera and a wallet but most importantly I knew I would be walking around and trying various types of food they offered that night. Therefore, I rather carry a shoulder purse so I can use both of my hands. Payless is currently sold out of these red handbags.





Last but not the least, I did wear a nice pair of earrings in bright red as well again to complete that festive look. I got these from amazon. It was a random purchase. I saw them on someone and they were cost efficient so I decided to purchase them. They went well with my outfit.



Thank you all for reading my first fashion blog post 🙂 Love you all!! xoxo